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Redneck Bank is a small bank headquartered in Snyder, OK. This bank is an internet bank and does not have local branches. Redneck Bank has deposits of $97.6 million, and was established in January 1913.

This bank is FDIC insured - all deposits are protected for up to $250,000.

Bank website:
Phone: 1-888-210-1256
Headquarters: Snyder, OK
FDIC Certificate #: 4198

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Love This Bank - For Limited Functions.

OK, I live many states away from Oklahoma, but Redneck Bank is strictly an internet bank, so it doesn't matter - much.

The reason I opened the account was simple - the interest rate was pretty high (4% at the time, but it's 1.1% now) for their Mega Money Market Account and I just needed someplace to save some money. The rate is only good up to $35,000 - any amount over $35,000 gets 0.5% interest.

The website homepage is great. How can you resist that horse with the big, toothy grin? Yep, he's on the debit card, too. (BTW - I only use that debit card at places where I swipe the card. I would NEVER hand it to a waiter or salesperson! Still, it makes me giggle every time I use it!)

The biggest "negative" with Redneck Bank is everything on their web site besides the grinning horse. (Remember, they are strictly an internet bank.) Their site is not user friendly at all. There is no mobile app, and no way to remotely deposit checks using a smartphone. And, the "bank to bank transfer" function was disabled "temporarily" on their site about 2 years ago - and is still not working to this day.
I have spent more time messing around on that site than I care to admit.

So, the easiest way to get money in is to transfer it from another bank (using the other bank's transfer function) or mail them a check. Again - a bit inconvenient, but I'm trying not to touch the money, so it doesn't matter much to me.

On the other hand, their Rewards Checking, which is currently paying 2% interest, is waaaaay too much work for me. In order to get that rate, you have to make 10 non-PIN debit card purchases per month. Every month. After that, they reimburse you for ATM fees and give you the good interest rate.

So, as I was saying, for a place to park $35,000 and get 1.1% interest - it's great! For that purpose, I LOVE THIS BANK. However, unless they get lots more user friendly, I can't imagine doing anything more with them!

Review posted by WindyHill Feb. 27, 2013

About Redneck Bank

We enjoy a good laugh, but taking care of your banking needs is no laughing matter. Redneck Bank® is here for you with experience and good old-fashioned service!
You'll find bankin' is "funner" when you can open an account online offering high interest, no minimum balance, no monthly maintenance fee and many other free services! When you can take care of your business from any internet connection anywhere in the world any time of day or night, it's time to shout!

Redneck Bank is the Internet Banking Division of Bank of the Wichitas®, a well-respected "country" bank established in 1913, and is insured by the FDIC, like all legitimate banks!