American Airlines Federal Credit Union

American Airlines Federal Credit Union is a large, federally-chartered credit union headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. The credit union operates 17 branches in 9 states. It has $5.1 billion in assets and roughly 218,400 members.

Phone: 817-931-3912
Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX
NCUA #: 23957
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American Airlines Federal Credit Union Membership Eligibility

Who is eligible for membership?

AA Credit Union started more than 70 years ago when a small group of American Airlines employees formed a financial institution dedicated to helping their colleagues. Today, AA Credit Union is open to anyone working in the Air Transportation Industry* and their families.

This includes:

  • All active or retired employees of American Airlines, Inc., American Eagle Airlines, or the Air Transportation Industry as described below:
  • Employees who work in the Air Transportation Industry such as:
    • Airline employees.
    • Government employees, such as TSA, FAA and others, who work directly in administration, regulation or security for airports, airlines or air transportation.
    • Airport employees who work in air transportation of freight and air courier services; and those working in airport support and service such as janitorial, baggage handling or aircraft maintenance.
    • Onboard airline food services who work on airport property.
  • Families: When you’re an AA Credit Union Member, you can sponsor membership for your spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and permanent household members.

When does eligibility begin?

You can apply for membership as early as your first day of Air Transportation employment or any time afterward. You can then open up a savings account with a $5 share deposit, and a one-time $1 membership fee. You can also open a Jet or Flagship checking account with a $25 initial deposit.

And, once a member, always a member regardless of where you live or work.

About American Airlines Federal Credit Union

American Airlines Federal Credit Union (AA Credit Union) was founded in 1936 by a small group of American Airlines employees with the goal of creating a member-owned, co-operative financial institution where employees could help each other. Today, AA Credit Union welcomes employees of the Air Transportation Industry*. We’ve grown to more than 218,000 members with a net worth of over $492 million and assets surpassing $5.0 billion.** We’re ready to help at branches located throughout the U.S. including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Because AA Credit Union is a not-for-profit organization, our loan rates are generally lower than those offered by conventional, for-profit financial institutions. Whether it’s for home loans, vehicles, vacations or education, our members enjoy extremely favorable loan terms. We’re also able to pay higher dividends on deposits and charge lower fees.

You can feel good about AA Credit Union because we’re an independent institution. Funds on deposit at AA Credit Union are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). So you always know your money’s safe.

American Airlines Federal Credit Union 4151 Amon Carter Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76155 32.824 -97.0506