Citibank CD Rates

If you have $10,000 or less in savings you may want to invest in a certificate of deposit instead of a regular savings account.

Citibank is a solid bank that has consistently provided high quality services to it's customers. Among their offerings include savings accounts, debit and credit cards, mortgages, loans, checking accounts, and many more. Citibank is a leading bank globally with 200 million client accounts and it does businesses in over 160 countries.

Citibank’s certificate of deposit is a great deal for those who have amounts of $10,000 and less. Citibank features average CD rates, but with a greater feeling of stability because it is such a big bank.

Citibank's current CD rates include .15% for short term CDs, up to .75% on long term CDs. Again, they aren't the best CD rates available but you can rest assured that your deposit will be safe with Citibank.

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