BBVA Compass Tops 5 Year CDs

BBVA Compass's standard 5 year CD is currently offering a high CD rate of 2% APY. This is amongst the best CD rates available for certificates with 5 year terms.

This certificate of deposit offered by BBVA Compass Bank, a very large financial institution headquartered in Birmingham, AL with 597 branch locations. Money deposited in this CD is FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor.

A recent review of BBVA from one of our readers:

Rick Casey writes:

I’ve been using Compass Bank for over five years now and I have had nothing but a good experience using their services. Their banking locations, hours and staff have all ways been very acceptable. Many times I’ve spoken to their staff about financial products I am interested in and they have helped me find solutions. The tellers at both the counter and the drive through have been very enjoyable to work with as well, even when the lines are quite long, they do make the effort to get you on your way quickly.

One time I needed an unsecured loan to help pay for a credit card which raised my interest rate suddenly. I walked into my local Compass Bank location and was greeted by one of their staff immediately. We spoke about my situation and he offered a solution to help me cover the balance of the credit card which a product of theirs. He was very empathetic about the situation and was able to speak to his management to arrange a loan for me. He drew up the terms and I signed the loan agreement that afternoon. Phenomenal service!

I was very thankful for their help and I would definitely recommend my bank to anyone who was interested.